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Our Story

Heal Ourselves, Give Openly, Inspire Others

Originally created to provide a viable space for our little daughter to pursue her dreams of being a gymnast, A 2 Zen’s studio is engineered with love.


Over time this studio soon expanded in purpose as it became a place for the entire family to exercise. As we continued to use the studio for workouts and meditation, we began noticing distinct positive changes in our lives making us healthier and more productive in our daily lives.


After becoming aware of these benefits, we became passionate about promoting this positive lifestyle changes with others. It was at this point that A to Zen was born.


It’s become apparent that stress, specifically the way to handle it, has become an important issue to address. We at A 2 Zen aim to provide a space where people take time out to focus on themselves. 

  • How Can I Book This Studio?
    Booking the studio is easy. Simply complete the form adding your anticipated rental date. We will review your form and grant you access to our booking portal to view available time slots.
  • What If I Don't Instruct Yoga?
    If you don't instruct yoga classes that's ok. We offer our studio to low to free weight classes, tutors and intimate events. We are termed as a yoga studio since this is how our journey began. Please contact us for unlisted session options.
  • How Can I View This Studio In Person?
    If you are interested in viewing our studio in person please complete our contact form, and include your wishes to have a tour in the comment section. We will work with you on an available time that does not interrupt scheduled sessions or events.
  • What If I Want To Book For Less Than An Hour?
    We offer an affordable rate of $50 for hourly rentals with a one hour minimum. Half hour rentals can only be added once the full hour has been booked. You must be sure to include your setup and clean up times with your rental times. Exceeding your rental aggreement will result in a $15 incremental fee per 1/2 hour.
  • What Are Your Covid Guidelines?
    We value the health and safety of our community and diligently work to keep our studio clean and encourage social distancing. Sanitization: We offer a sanitation station upon entry. All high touch areas are wiped down, as well. Nightly we implement deep cleaning with medical grade disinfectant, effective on viruses. Mask: Upon entry, mask must be worn until you get to your mat and may only be removed during this time. Mask must stay on when going to the restrooms, Zen Room or water breaks. Equipment: We provide sanitizing wipes for students to clean all yoga mats, weights and high touch areas after each session. Illness: Students and Instructors with flu-like symptoms, coughing or sneezing, must stay home! If you are displaying such symptoms or have a temp higher than 99 degrees, you will be asked to leave. Temps are taken upon arrival.
  • Lost & Found
    A 2 ZEN does not accept responsibility for any personal items that are left behind. Any items found will be held in our lost & found bin for 7 business days and then donated if not claimed by this time.
  • My Instructor Did Not Show, What Should I Do?"
    We apologize for the inconvenience and are not accountable for instructor ran sessions. We simply provide a rental space for instructors and are not liable for contract and agreements between students and instructors. You must contact your instructor directly.
  • How Can I Cancel My Scheduled Session?
    If you are an instructor/host we allow a 48 hour cancellation period. Cancellations made after this time period are nonrefundable. If you are a student and are not able to attend a session, please contact your instructor directly.
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